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The article analyzes the psychological hints of Abai's works. The philosophical, pedagogical, psychological views of scientists who have studied the heritage of the poet are systematically systematized. In the article Abai - the main object of his poems and words is human, the main purpose is up brining people. A person who works for human beings, as he says, is "full-fledged man," who is "full of intelligence, awe and joy," that is, a man of all ages. The meaning of "full human", "mature person" is deep philosophical and psychological meaning. A person, an individual, a person, a person is a complex issue with a great deal of wisdom that provides moral and personal development. The article also analyzes the works of the poet, and draws on a comparative table reflecting the basic problems of contemporary scientific psychology, which is the basis of his thoughts, conclusions and works. For example, in one of the tables, Abay's statement on the relationship between people in social life is the basis of the behavior and psychology of each other, the problem of communication in modern scientific psychology, the exchange of actions, plans of joint action, forms of joint actions was amazed at the conclusion that the formation of norms is incompatible with the scientific conclusion. This is just one of the proofs of the poet's wisdom. Abay's psychological views are not limited to general and pedagogical psychology. The poet pays particular attention to the social situation of the native people, the behavior of different groups. When teaching Abai's works, adults explain the meaning of the poet's "full human" conclusion and consider the ways in which a child should be asked and what to pursue in order to achieve that concept. A sign of being Abai's "full human" is to be human-minded, to look at things "with his own eyes." While studying the Abai's heritage, psychological analysis of the poet's work and its focus on specific directions, it is helpful to memorize, memorize, and comprehend the compositions of the writer, and make conclusions. In this article, the poet devoted his creative work to five directions. For example, the psychological significance of Abay's quotation was derived as the first direction. Then the psychological aspects of poetry are: a) art - poems that call for knowledge; b) the occurrence of personality; b) the peculiarities of cognitive activity, thirdly, the psychological features of poet's poems "Iskander", "Masgut", the fourth direction - psychological features of translations of Russian classics. The fifth direction analyzes the direction of Abay's lyrics on human psyche. The article gives a brief overview of these five aspects. Obviously, the systematic use of the great scientist's works in the educational process, which left abundant philosophical, pedagogical and psychological heritage, will have a positive impact on the development of all-round development and personality traits of young people. Of course, the works of Abai have a great importance in the formation of the personality of children. It is not enough to limit it to the poet's poetry and poetry in the curriculum. It is also possible for younger generation to know about the philosopher's poet when it is used in classroom sessions, out-of-season sessions, and personal work with pupils.

Psychologıcal Hınts, Abay's Work


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