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Since the early history of our land, the spirit of ambitious, energetic ancestors have experienced many difficulties in the development of the country. Despite these difficulties, there was a noble dream to establish the ultimate goal - the Eternal Country. "Eternal Country" is a manifestation of ideals and the best qualities in the heart of the native country, the country of the great steppes and vast mountains. Since early world history, the respect of Turkic khans to their customs, beliefs and respect for the language of their own ethnic groups are now seen as a manifestation of the way of life of the Kazakh people. The country, which has become a glorious settlement of different nationalities, is a testament to the spirit of peace and harmony. In history there is the concept of continuity of generations. The centuries-old tradition of spiritual well-being, the distinctive feature of the concept of spiritual perfection, which is directly related to the longevity of the human race, has been made public as a source. Do not go unnoticed by the incredible wisdom inherent in mankind, from century to century, steadily transmitted from generation to generation. The spirit of the Great Steppe is a blessing, prosperity and prosperity of the country, the basis of peaceful life and stability, happiness and joy, the future of friendship and brotherhood. From the high humanistic ideals of national wealth, the idea "Eternal Country" was to begin. In the work, the traditions of ancestors aimed at increasing the spiritual heritage of the spiritual and cultural and cultural heritage, spiritual upbringing of modern generations are studied in detail. Being a rational search for a national future, it differs profoundly from the boundaries of the tradition of friendship and brotherhood created by many generations of our ancestors, which contributed to the prosperity of interethnic harmony and harmony in the interests and destiny of the country. Historical cognition that it is the time when the country is bringing political figures to the country, to solidarity, unity, and to struggle against it. Looking at the deep and deep roots of history, it is the historical knowledge that we can convey to the weighty path of some of the great events that have persisted for a long time in the minds and consciousness of the country. The tracks left behind by the great men and women who have worked hard on their country and worked heroically on that path are still sung. At the time when the people were in danger, their destiny was in the midst of the scales and the power of their minds and minds, the power of their intellect, knowledge, and the power of the wrists, it will never forget the heroic deed and the name of gentlemen. Over time, it becomes more dignified and honored. History is the past, it can not be changed or edited. But in history we say good and bad. The reason is that life will not be contradictory in life. That is natural law. By studying and analyzing those stories, only the largest historical figures of their time receive the right assessment of the population. The Kazakh people have spent a long time in their past and present history. These ancient times have left an indelible mark in the spiritual life and practice of our people. Of course, there are no doubts about the fact that the wise men who were at the beginning were part of the historical record. In contrast, in a particular social, political and cultural space, it has become a potent force that has grown from the deep layers of the historical reality. The thinking system of any nation has given rise to the development of national identity. At present, spiritual revival is an aspiration for a deeper understanding of ancestral heritage and a knowledge of the roots of our national identity.

spirit, purpose, ideal, universal values, Great steppe, national good, traditions of ancestors, continuity of generations, future, spiritual revival, national interest


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