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Masnavi is a form of verse that takes its name from Arabic and is called in doubles. Masnavi passed from Iranian literature to Classical Turkish literature. Its subject is love. In the mesnevi, each couplet rhymes among itself. There is no limit to the number of couplets in the form of Masnavi verse. In addition to the mesnevi written in numbers up to 10-20-30 couplets, there are also mesnevi created as thousands of couplets. Masnavi verse form consists of Dibaca, Tawhid, Munacaat, Na't, Miraciya, Medhiya. There is a form of Masnavi verse in classical Turkish literature. The first name that comes to mind when masnavi is mentioned in classical Turkish literature is Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi. Maulana Celaleddin-i Rumi's Masnavi is the most famous work in Classical Turkish literature. This work is an important work not only in Classical Turkish literature, but also translated into the language of the country where it is located in many countries of the world. In Classical Turkish literature, other mesnevi poets wrote famous works besides Rumi's work called Masnavi. Some of these works XI. Century Yusuf Hâs Hacib is his work named “Kutadgu Bilig” and this work is the first long Masnavi of Classical Turkish literature. In XIII. century, Maulânâ Celâleddin-i Rûmî wrote his great work of 25,618 couplets, “Masnavi Mânavi”. At the end of the XIII. century, Şeyyad Hamza wrote the masnavi "Yûsuf u Züleyhâ". In XIII. century "Risalatu'n-Nushiyye" written by Yunus Emre and "Kitâbu Evsâfı Masâcidü'ş-Şerife" written by Ahmed Fakih. These works are considered to be the most famous masnavis of Classical Turkish literature. Masnavi verse form is also included in Urdu literature. Masnavi verse form of Urdu literature, which has a rich history, came from Iranian literature. Numerous works have been written in Urdu literature using the Masnavi verse. The name that comes to mind when Masnavi is mentioned in classical Turkish literature is Maulana. The name Maulana Celaleddin-i Rumi is the best known name in the classical poetry of Urdu literature. The most famous mesnevi work known in Urdu literature is the work named "Sihr-ul Beyan" written by Mir Hasan. In Urdu literature, along with Mir Hasan, famous poets named Molla Vechi, Mir Taki Mir, Mir Asar, Dag Dehlevi and Mirza Şauk wrote mesnevis about love.

Turkish, Urdu, Literature, Masnavi


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