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During an era of globalization and global integration the success of the enterprise directly depends on ability of its manual to establish communication relations and to conclude mutually advantageous cooperation. In case of the correct approach to business communication principals can strengthen the significance and image of the company in the opinion of employees, partners and even world community.

This article raises the communication psychology questions in the business environment, in particular, focuses attention on barriers of perception and an emotional status of interlocutors. In article characteristic features of business communication from the point of view of psychology and behavior of the person explicitly are explained.

Business communication is a process of correlation and interaction in which there is an exchange of activities, information and the experience assuming achievement of a certain result, the solution of a specific problem or implementation of a definite purpose. In the modern world at which there are continuous communications with other people and the fast rate of life knowledge of skills of effective business communication is mandatory advantage.

Process of business communications takes place both with members of the organization, and with external partners. The essence of "internal", or "official" business communication is in information exchange between employees and their principals, between the lowest and the higher a manual link. It expresses in business conversations, meetings, discussions, phone calls and correspondences in the course of which the analysis of results is made, objections and different points of view pass an opinion on a subject of discussion on the basis of which the working ideas are jointly developed and estimated. In this case, business communication appears a monitoring aid and coordination of activities, receiving back coupling.

Partners in business communication can not understand each other in connection with the different level and a directivity of vocational training, narrow vision, differences in the social status, however the important factor hindering on the way of mutual understanding of interlocutors psychological barriers are. The entity of such barriers consists in a psychological and emotional state of the interlocutor, in his personal installations and methods of perception. Thus, psychological barriers in business communications are:

 1. The negative emotions of the partner expressed in bad mood, anger or irritation. Aggression, unwillingness to listen, sharp criticism and denial – one of the most probable and obvious forms of manifestation of negative emotions. Though emotions – the situational phenomenon, however, if they overflow the head of the organization, even let in the latent form, during the meeting or negotiation process, then it can lead to rash decisions and irreversible consequences. In case of such barrier the interlocutor captured by emotions can give the wrong assessment of the situation caused by the distorted idea of reality.

2. Perception barriers. Perception, or perception, represents set of processes by means of which the ideal model (a subjective image) of objectively existing reality is formed. Any judgment or action of the partner during business communication is projected in our subconsciousness from a position of our own vital installations and experience. However deeper perception is assessment of appearance and behavior of the person. If from one partner of the second doesn't cause due respect or sympathy then he doesn't correspond to his earlier created stereotypes that breaks communicative process.

business communication; psychological barriers; perception; role communication


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