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The article analyzes the thoughts of Turkic peoples related to the family values ​​of the Turkic peoples, the way of raising children, the education of the son and the girl.  One of the values ​​that unites the Turkic world is common Turkic education.  Therefore, the role of Turkic education in the political, cultural and social life of the Turkic peoples is crucial in modern Turkish integration.    Therefore, it is important to show the originality of the educational system of the Turkic peoples, to differentiate thoughts on the common literary heritage, to find common channels in the personal literature of Turkic peoples, to look at similarities and differences. The teaching-learning ideas starting with the common items of Turkic peoples are continuing from generation to generation.  The origins of the Turkic teaching culture originate from the ancient Turkic monuments starting from the Orkhon-Yenisei, from the historical record and from the nomadic lifestyle of our nomadic ancestors.  One of such noble treasures is the "Kutty bilik" legacy.  In "Kutty bilik" the good from the head of the human being to the grave is a good example of a good thing.  One of them was formed in the oral literature and written literature of the Kazakh people.  The legitimate continuity of the intellectual wisdom of the peoples of Turkic peoples can be found in Abai's essay. Abai's educational ideas are numerous.  One of them is dedicated to family values.  The behavior of the parent who cares for his own clansman, who cares for his brother, is inappropriate for the child.  Love for a relative, a brother, a country, a land, and altruism within the childhood of patriotism.  Speaking in Abay - warm heart and mercy.

As the behavior of the "mind of the mind", the foundation of the child's behavior is also raised by parenting.  Describing actions such as dignity, peace, goodwill, dialogue, friendship, secrecy, and art, "the child of a country of the future" describes the opposite of such attitudes as dishonesty, cynicism, delicacy, charisma, laxity, harshness.

The value of peace and loyalty is an important factor in the relationship between the fellows and between the couple and the spouse.  Ultimately, the value of a healthy society lies at the core of the poet's thought, "thinking not for profit".  It is possible to notice that the poet's poem is caused by the desire of the poet, "There is no shame in the chest, no restraint, no fuss! The Turkic people, who claim  "to be a son of a noble, be good breeding" are attentive to the examples given in the article.

value, relic, concern, Turkic culture, Turkic teaching, convention, relationship, continuity of the generation, family values.


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