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Located in the Zailiysky Alatau Reservoir, Almaty is interested in national symbols and attracts with new architectural buildings. There are magnificent nature reserves which takes 90thousand hectares. Meanwhile, Medeo Ice Arena is known all over the world. The region was established in 1972 and located in an altitude of 1691.2 meters. In the Ice arena (10.5 thousand square meter), there are different types of sports such as skating, ice hockey, and others made a great contributions to the development of sports in the "Medeo". More than 120 skateboarding records were created. Chimbulak near Almaty attracted tourists, mountaineers, skiers. The length of down road line is 3500 m. Technical equipments of Shymbulak is not bad than the best ports in Europe. In general, Almaty has a number of ecologically favorable geographical places. This allows thousands of cars in the city to pollute the airspace of the city with toxic smoke. This is an important factor in the development of lung diseases in the city. It is difficult to rest in the city without windy days, and the fight against such difficulties is now one of the main tasks of the city authorities. One of the main sources of air pollution in Almaty are cars. About 570 thousand cars were registered in Almaty, and 170 thousand cars come to the city every day, among them, an average of 10,500 vehicles operates 24 hours a day, and their engine runs for 5250 hours. During this period, 13,125 liters of fuel were burned and among them 39,375 liters of oxygen, which people would breathe about 882-885 years with oxygen. In the process of photosynthesis of mature oak 40-45 people with oxygen can breathe during the year, and 20-25 people with respiratory oxygen. At the same time, the oak will disinfect 30-40 tons, and juniper - 15-20 tons of dust. Therefore, these trees need to be grown in Almaty, where they can be grown in classrooms, at home, on the balcony, in offices, universities and schools.

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