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Classical Turkish Literature has a rich history. Classical Turkis literature period began XII. Century and continued till XVIII. century. Many poets have written various important works within the Classical Turkish literature. The 17th century is a very important period in Classical Turkish Literature, because this century is Classical Turkish literature’s golden age. Poets in this period showed great interest in Sebk-i Hindî style. Sebk-i Hindî has a very different style emerged after the poets of Iranian literature who went to India transferred what they saw in India to their works and XVII. Century Classical Turkish Literature poets were influenced by Iranian poets. Classical Turkish literature poets were especially interested in Iranian Sebk-i Hindî poets. Sebk-i Hindi style has many different features. Imagination and exaggeration and forefront is Sebk-i Hindî style’s features. In the poems, there are expressions such as a challenge, complaining, reproaching someone, and the poet's reckoning against himself. There are also poets influenced by Sebk-i Hindi style in Urdu literature. Mirza Abdulkadir Bidil, who is Iranian poet of Urdu literature, but Bidîl wrote his poems in Urdu and Persian language, is one of the pioneers of this style. Emir Hüsrev-i Dehlevî, who is poet of Urdu literature, also wrote his poems in the style of Sebk-i Hindi. Sebk-i Hindi style of poems of both poets are evident in Urdu literature Şah Mübarek Abru, Sirajuddin Ali Khan Arzu, Syed Allah Khân İnşâ, Şah Zahuriddin Hatim, Saadat Yar Hasan Rangin, Qalandar Bakhsh Cur’at, Muhammed Şakir Naci, Sharafud-din Mazmun, Mumin Han Mumin poets have made use of Sebk-i Hindi style in their poems. In Urdu literature, Sebk-i Hindi style elements are also prominent in the poems of Emir Hüsrev-i Dehlevî, Mir Taki Mir and Esedullah Khan Galîb.

Turkish, Urdu, Literature


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